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How many time have we seen some sissy video where the plot line is a wife that wants to transform her husband into a crossdressing sissy maid only to find when we watch it it falls flat and just doesn’t deliver! well thankfully Transfetish streaming videos have come to save us with there idea of what instructional crossdress DVDs should be about as we see wife transform her husband into a sissy maid

sissy-husbands sissy-husbands-1

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Are new to Sensual Oriental Sadist? in that case and your a crossdressing sexslave then you are in for a treat the likes that only British BDSM studio Dom Promotions can offer with their latest offering intro a world of sub sissy males and Asian mistresses that have only one interest thats pushing transvestite sex slave about as far they possibly can before they break them and its clear from this streaming BDSM crossdressers movie that these asian femdoms don’t give a fuck about their weak sissy slaves

Sensual-Oriental-Sadist-3-1 Sensual-Oriental-Sadist-3-2

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Few studios really does offer “good” crossdressing BDSM but streaming studio Dom Promotions excel within this genre with submissive crossdressers that will obey every request thier mistresses order of them which in a lot of cases ends up with the sissy maids being spanked, which lets be honest thats what a sissy bum is made for to take a punishment like a little bad girl and this british BDSM studio know just where to find these strong dominant women, lets bring on Lady Libertine with a hand that can spank any arse red raw!


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Pure amateur crossdressing streaming from British studio Dom Promotions not only do they excel but for many the only porn really worth streaming, which I feel is a little harsh against some of the other great British crossdressers porn studios, but on the other hand I can see why they are so successful especially when you stream quality videos like Trannie Towers


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Never let it be said the the British workman won’t help a distressed crossdress when she needs some help and studio Asphyxiation are more than keen to enjoy videoing this horny couple doing what every great british crossdresser loves to do that FUCK and handyman Rick Jackson is the made to please this horny transvestite

Transvestites-At-Work-1 Transvestites-At-Work-2

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