Anyone into the cuckold scene will know of this studio and I’ve had many hours streaming cuckold videos from Roman Video as they show weak males just how to fuck these cuckqueans, but here the wives have other ideas and thats not only revolves around getting well fucked but transforming their men into cuckold transvestite husbands and not only make them watch their wive but crossdress as well, do they have any choice? like fuck they do!

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Studio Roman Video have been taking the cuckold theme and extending their range of scenarios but the idea of forcing your husband to wearing womens clothing and be transformed into a crossdress husband for many is pushing the boundaries one step too far, however for me the idea of my wife forcing me to watch her getting fucked whilst I stand crossdressed is bless-full

Cuckold-Fantasies-2Its with this theme that cuckold studio Roman theme around this video and I’ve watched and streamed it so many times I could almost tell you word for word every insult cuckquean “Harmony Rose” throws towards her weak crossdressed cuckold

The opening scene Harmony Rose starts by insulting this her husband by making reference to his small cock but she tells him from now on he will be forced to dress as a women and will have to watch as she gets fucked by guys that have REAL sized cocks not the little thing that he’s got between his legs and from now on its 9″ cocks or bigger that gets to fuck HIS wife, if he’s lucky he may get to watch after the wife has transformed him into her cuckold tranny husband

When her lover turns up and looks at the husband dressed as a women the humiliation only further continues although they draw a line and making the hubby suck the guys cock which I think is more down to the male than thew wife not forcing the hubby to do this! after all shes forced him into a crossdress cuckold so to make him suck the cuck should be easy.

The opening scene is really about one thing alone thats Harmony Rose showing her hubby what being a women is really about and that ends with him being made to not only pull his wifes cunt lips apart so the guy can fuck her but being made to lick cum from her cunt after he’s cum inside her. The other scenes are just as good and shows an insight into the cuckoldry crossdressing scene

The strong theme within this movie like most of the Roman Videos is the verbal & physical humiliation forced onto what are weak crossdressing husbands and when it does comes to great porn this studio stands way above many others that try to produce porn within this genre.

Film Details

  • The Best Of Cuckold Fantasies 2
  • Running Time:- 60 minutes
  • Released:- 03/2005
  • Studio:- Roman Video
  • Series:- Cuckold Fantasies
  • Director:- Romulus
  • Categories:- Crossdress Submales, Cuckoldry
  • Stars:- Lauren Phoenix, Trina Michaels, Harmony

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