The theme of a wife forcing a husband into wearing womens clothing and transform him into some weak crossdressing husband has been a plot line within many crossdressing videos but none other than Kick Ass do it quite so well but with it pedigree of porn stars would you really expect anything else especially when Veronika Raquel & Rebeca Linares are the ones forcing their husbands into crossdressing and more so talking a strap on fucking from their wives!

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Its clear to see why many view these videos as market leaders in submales & husbands getting fucked by wives after they have transformed them into crossdressing husbands and the opening scenes are just about that making these men wear womens clothing and whilst see these males get transformed its the second part where they take a strap on fucking that makes Forced Fem stand out

Forced-Fem-2The show stealer has to be Rebeca Linares, after all being born in spain this porn star she has the vocie alone that you would bend over and just take a fucking from her to hear let alone making er dress you up as a women and parade you around showing off her transformation to others

The scene starts with her looking over a porn view that writer Enrique Currero has just written after seeing her latest porn movie and after promising her a strong review and almost guaranteed award she’s less than impressed by the write up and walking into the room to further interview her you can clearly see the shock when Enrique walks into the room to find her on the bed with nothing other than stockings, knickers and bra on

Enrique was hoping to fuck her as she promised if he did the write up she would let him, but Rebeca Linares has other ideas and it will come as a surprise that the nearest Enrique is going to get to her pussy is as she says ” you wanna kiss my shaven pussy” with that he’s more than ready but Rebeca has other ideas and forces him into wearing some womens clothes on the promise that afterwards he gets to fuck her, although its Rebeca thats going to be doing the strap on fucking

Rebeca is really forceful in this video mind you lets face it what guy wouldn’t follow her orders looking at this horny spainsh porn star and so she starts transforming in and soon after pulling a dress and bra followed by makeup and wig she then further humiliates him by making him interview her like that

Thinking its over when Rebeca strips out she offers him her pussy and moving in to lick her shaven pussy out its then that the strap on comes out and this unexpected turn of events makes him realise the only way he’s going to get anywhere near her pussy is it her plays along by first sucking the strap on like a real cock and then thinking it was over he gets a further surprise especially once she puts on her strap-on and tells him shes going to bitch fuck her crossdressing man !

As she turns him into a good little strap on cock worshipping slut he does his best and Rebeca Linares fucks him, forces him to eat his own cum off the dildo but never gets anywhere near to fucking her himself

Film Details

Name:- Forced Fem 2
Running Time:- 84 minutes
Released:- 12/2008
Studio:- Kick Ass Pictures
Series:- Forced Fem
Categories:- Femdom Submales Strap-On fucking Husbands
Stars: – Marlena, Veronika Raquel, Rebeca Linares

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