Lets be honest here if you want to stream horny young crossdressers fucking theirs really only one studio to turn towards with its collection of teen & younger crossdress males is pure yum! and having the very sexy Jade helps with her young girlish looks and teen body its enough to make any CD admirer of the younger transvestities cum in their knickers, well least thats my excuse when I first streamed this video

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What’s a young girl to do when she finds out that shes more interested in dressing like a little sissy slut than a man? easy you go along to Transfetish Productions mistress Kendra James and see just what fun she can have with a crossdressing teen and her needs to be dominated by stronger old women and if their one thing for sure when it comes to dominant women & true femdom bitches Kendra James is the best bitch for the job

Sissy-Slut-SessionsThe opening of this video shows our younger crossdresser stripped, naked & bare of any makeup or the sexy maids outfits we usually see on her and Kendra is more than happy to start her training by first attaching a collar and leash to his cock and balls and then after finding some body hair punishes him by cuffing him and shaving the rest of his teen body making sure his balls & cock and clean shaven and ready for what lays ahead of him

But his mistress (Kendra James) has other idea and soon starts the transformation into her ideal little sissy and even dispite his manly flaws the Mistress transforms him into her Sissy Bambi with pink outfit, a long brunette wig, pigtails with jewelry, and pink platform shoes so the perfect submissive young crosdress male thats ready to take what ever the mistress hands out

Its clear that Mistress Kendra has only one interest with this younger crosdresser thats to humiliate and laugh at him as he tries to walk around with crazy high heels on that any women would struggle with let alone a young male! and mistress Kendra even punishes her her sissy when she doesn’t do her shoes correctly but its when she gets the strap on out that fun really starts and first she makes her young crossdresser suck like a cock before she has the pleasure of fucking her young transvestite.

The action within this video like all Transfetish videos is first about female femdom transforming their younger males into the sissies that they want and then taking that humiliation onto other levels of forced feminsation and sissification with such class that this studio is leaps ahead of anything else, but what I haven’t told you about this video is the blissful way these femdoms further abuse their young sissy maids by fucking them silly – great porn and a must viewing

Film Details

  • name:- Sissy Slut Sessions
  • Running Time:- 68 minutes
  • Released:- 01/2009
  • Studio:- Transfetish Productions
  • Director:- B.E. Smith
  • Categories:- Fetish Young Submales
  • Stars:- Kendra James Jade Madison Mike Sparxx Sissy Slut Holly Troy Halston Dakota Phillips

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